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French is offered at Mount Kenya Academy Senior School as a modern foreign language in both curriculum i.e. KCSE and IGCSE. The Department aims to help students develop competence and proficiency in communication, as well as a cross-cultural awareness and a long-lasting love for the learning of the French language. This eventually allows students to enhance their future career opportunities in various fields   We try as much as we can to make the subject more enjoyable through a varied range of activities that takes account of the abilities and skills of each learner. To help build personal confidence, promote social and presentation skills, we put emphasis on communicative activities through pair work, group activities as well as teacher-learner interaction. Being an optional subject, we encourage a positive learning experience basing on the learner’s needs and interests. In addition to in-school learning activities, we attend various functions with French touch in the country which add to the excitement of learning the language with enthusiasm.     


Generally, the main aim of the department in both curriculum  is to ensure that each student is given the opportunity to reach their full potential in all areas of linguistic competence in the learning of French. Therefore, candidates should be able to demonstrate: 

  • Listening – the ability to understand and respond to the spoken language 
  • Speaking – the ability to communicate in speech 
  • Reading – the ability to read, understand and respond to written language 
  • Writing – the ability to communicate in writing   

The course specification (syllabus) in IGCSE is as follows: 


French is compulsory to all year 9 students. The course begins with revision of the present tense, use of adjectives, asking questions and using reflexive verbs, and moves on to introduce the perfect tense, adverbs of frequency, and the comparative and superlative. The imperfect and future tenses are introduced, and the use of the pronoun .


French is elective to year 10 students. The course begins with revision of adjectives, and the use of emphatic pronouns.  There is a focus on correct use of the present, perfect, future and imperfect tenses. The use of prepositions and en + present participle is dealt with. Practice of past papers is started to improve examination technique and preparation for the IGCSE oral examination is begun.


The course begins with a focus on the correct use of future, present and past tenses. Use of pronouns, prepositions, negatives and adjectival agreement are revised. There is a major focus on preparation for the oral examination, and on practice of past papers to improve examination technique.  


The following list gives some idea as to the general content studied in IGCSE:   

Area A - Everyday activities e.g. home life and school routine, food, health and fitness. 

Area B - Personal and social life e.g. self, family and personal relationships, holidays. 

Area C - The world around us e.g. home town and local area, natural and made environment, people, places and customs. 

Area D - The world of work e.g. continuing education, careers and employment. Area E - The international world e.g. tourism at home and abroad, life in other countries and communities.

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