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Head of Department: Mr I G Stamp (acting)

Teaching staff:  Ms Lucy Kamau, Mr Samuel Mwangi, Ms Waruguru Muriuki, Mr Paul Obita.

“Logic is the hygiene the mathematician practices to keep his ideas healthy and strong.”

 Hermann Klaus Hugo Weyl (1885-1955) 


In line with the school’s mission to educate the whole person for life, members of mathematics department do their best to expose the learners to all aspects of day-to-day life and show them how mathematics can help.  Students are encouraged to become confident, independent thinkers and problem solvers who can then creatively approach challenges with the necessary language to pose relevant questions and the necessary skills to find answers. Mathematics teaching aims at enabling learners to:- 

  • Understand the numerical skills required for everyday life whilst striving to foster a sense of the beauty and power of the subject.
  • Apply mathematics in everyday situations and understand how mathematics plays a part in the world around them; 
  • Develop an ability to apply mathematics in other subjects. 
  • Use mathematics as a means of communication with emphasis on clear expression. 
  • Study further, this and related subjects.


When teaching mathematics, we set challenging targets, with high expectations of every student and ensure they all achieve their full potential. We aim to provide a smooth transition for students between Key Stages and ensure progression in teaching and learning throughout their education period.

Recognising that pupils learn in many ways, our teaching methods offer a variety of approaches that engage and motivate all of them and demand their active participation. This is because we see a clear correlation between student enjoyment and success. 

Mathematics is taught in three dedicated Mathematics rooms which are dedicated to the subject.  The department is well equipped with a variety of teaching aids and text books that are recommended.  Every year, many students progress to the next level of education and without strain, take up mathematics and other courses that heavily depend on mathematics. 

Core Curriculum

Mathematics Club 

Students with a very keen interest in Mathematics meet every Tuesday at 4 pm to 5:30 pm for various activities in mathematics.  Students learn how to take a practical approach to mathematics, engage in mathematical activities, discussions on mathematical issues and learning through puzzles and games.

Mathematics day 

This is a day that the school has dedicated for mathematical activities to take place including a maths quiz, presentations and compound face lift.


Students take part in a number of mathematics contests which are held annually.  Contests are used to motivate learners and strengthen teamwork.  It is also a good avenue for extending gifted learners. 

Kenya Science and Engineering Fair

Students present mathematics projects in these competitions.  Teachers-in-charge guide the students on how to write reports on research work as well as present their own innovations to a panel of judges.  Every year a number of our student are recognised and awarded merits at different levels for their performances in the competition.  This activity builds confidence and communication skills in line with our above aims.  

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