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Christian religious education (CRE) is one of the academic subjects in our school curriculum. The subject has a unique role of bringing to one a vivid awareness of God and how He reveals himself to us in through personal experiences. 

Mount Kenya Academy being a Christian school, the youth are helped to respond to Gods teachings as they relate to their parents, classmates and other people of the world. Christian religious Education also helps a student develop morally and spiritually. Life skills and abilities such as critical and creative thinking, as well as decision making are acquired to help student develop positive behavior so that they are able to deal effectively with the demands of everyday life.   

The main objectives of CRE is to 

  • To get a better understanding of God
  • To enable one use the knowledge and attitudes acquired to think critically and make appropriate social, moral and spiritual decisions.
  • To appreciate one own religion and those of others.
  • To help one develop a sense of self-worth and identity for ourselves and others.
  • To promote international consciousness
  • To help form a bridge for further studies and career development.
  • To contribute to the achievement of the National goals of Education. 

 The National goals are 

  • Creation of National unity.
  • National development (economic and social needs)
  • Individual development and self-fulfilment.
  • Social equity.
  • Respect and development of cultural heritage.
  • International consciousness. 

The study of CRE is compulsory in form one and two, becoming an optional subject in form three. It is tested at the end of form four by KNEC. 

The final examinations consist of two papers (1&2), both 2 ½ hours each. 

 *Religious studies is projected to start in September 2015. 


Invaluable moral and spiritual guidance is the domain of this important subject.  

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