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Any country’s wealth and influence in the world is founded on its trade and industry and the efficiency of the business community is vital in an ever increasing competitive world.\

Department aims 

  • Assist the student acquire necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes in business studies for the development of self and the nation
  • Encourage the learners appreciate the role of business in society. 
  • Encourage the students to acquire necessary entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitudes for starting and operating business. 
  • Help the student develop ability for enquiry, critical thinking and rational judgement. 
  • Assist the learner to develop a firm foundation for further education and training in business related fields.
IGCSE Curriculum:

Mount Kenya academy currently offers Cambridge IGCSE from year 9 to year 11.The subject is compulsory in year 9 but optional in year 10 and 11. 

Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE Business Studies is accepted by universities and future employers as proof of an understanding of business concepts and techniques across a range of different types of businesses. Successful IGCSE Business Studies students gain lifelong skills, including: 

  • Understanding different forms of business organizations, the environments in which businesses operate and business functions such as marketing, operations and finance. 
  • An appreciation of the critical role of people in business success. 
  • Confidence to calculate and interpret business data.
  • Communication skills including the need to support arguments with reasons; and 
  • Ability to analyse business situations and reach decisions or judgements. 

The syllabus provides both a foundation for further study at A Level and an ideal preparation for the world of work.Syllabus content includes:

  • Business and the environment it creates. 
  • Business structure, organization and control.
  • Business activity to achieve objectives.
  • People in business.
  • Regulating and controlling business activity. 

Assessment involves two papers taken in May/June of Year 11. It includes:

  • Paper 1 (50%), five compulsory short-answer and structured/data response questions from the entire syllabus;and
  •  Paper 2 (50%), five compulsory questions arising from a given case-study (not pre-released) from the entire syllabus.

KCSE Curriculum:

The school also offers the Kenyan Curriculum of education from form one to form four. This prepares the students not only to sit the two business studies papers in the final exams but also to acquaint them with relevant knowledge that is essential in the modern business world. The syllabus and curriculum guideline from Kenyan Ministry of Education guides on the content to be delivered in each level. 

Form 1: The form one syllabus basically introduces learners to business studies, business environment as well as satisfaction of human wants.

Form 2: the syllabus introduces learners to forms of business units, ways the government is involved in business as well as the role of communication, transport and communication in business. 

Form 3: learners get to know how prices of goods and services are determined, chains of distribution for various goods as well as how to determine national income in a country. The learner also gets introduced to business accounting. 

Form 4: the learner gets further into accounting and gets exposed to public finance, money and banking, inflation as well as economic development.

Final Evaluation: 

  • Paper 1 (100%), this paper which consists of short answer questions.
  • Paper 2 (100%), this paper consists of six questions.  Of which students are required to answer any 5 questions. 
Away from class: 
  1. Students are exposed to business trips.
  2. The school in conjunction with the department also runs a micro finance program where ladies from the nearby Chaka shopping centre get loans which they use to start and run small scale businesses. The business students assist in training the ladies and closely monitoring their businesses. This is a great motivator for the students who get to apply the knowledge learnt in class into the business world.

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