Strive for the peak


This is one of the integral programmes run at MKASS. PSHEE aims at boosting confidence and self-esteem in the students as well as educating them in important life skills and knowledge. The acquired self-esteem encourages students to take up leadership roles, entrepreneurship and innovativeness. It also makes them more conscious of their immediate environment. 

Being a Christian school, MKASS offers a holistic dimension to matters of faith however diverse. Each student is encouraged to pursue their quest for spiritual fulfilment in a loving and caring environment.  

To capture the above said qualities and virtues the school is involved in the following programmes 

Community Service

  • Visiting Chania and Kilimara Primary Schools weekly to help in diverse areas e.g. numeracy, literacy, sports and a robust feeding programme. 

  • Improving.Improving sanitation standards in public primary schools by building water tanks and encouraging the harvesting of rain water by the said schools. 

  • Building and stocking libraries in public primary schools in the neighbourhood. 


  • The school prefects are voted into office by their peers and after careful vetting they receive some training in leadership. The PA (President Award) movement aims at developing both leadership and endurance virtues.


  • The Business Studies Club led by Ms. Tabitha Karanja runs a micro finance programme at Chaka Shopping Center to improve the lot of needy women and families. 


  • The Robotics Club is in itself a vibrant undertaking that’s not only exciting but also encourages creativity and innovativeness.

  • The students at MKASS also participate in the Science Fare which exposes them to scientific ventures through research and project development.  

Social and Moral Aspect

  • The social aspect is also taken care of through bonding trips, Mt. Climbing excursions, Talks from renowned motivational speakers etc.  

  • The school counselor and selected members of staff are at hand to help guide /help the students in matters relating to sexuality, grooming and interpersonal relationships.    

The PSHE programme works very closely with HOY’s, Chaplaincy, Catering, Boarding departments and of course the school administration. Much appreciation to all for the immense support they have willingly given to this department. Senior school students serve a meal to Chania Primary Pupils

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