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Mount Kenya Academy Senior School (MKASS) has its very ‘Grace Chapel’ which has two services each Sunday, one for the Junior School and one for the Senior School. The Chapel services program is organised by the Chapel committee comprising of staff from both schools including members of the management team. Students and staff take an active role in leading and presenting various items during worship e.g. songs, testimonies, prayers and even sharing meditations (sermons). Besides our own members, we invite guest speakers and groups to minister. Each term has a focus, for example January 2014 is “Perfect Peace” based on Isaiah 26:3 and also learning from some Bible characters. Chapel prefects and a staff member work closely with the Chaplain in identifying students or a class/year group to lead worship every Sunday. The Music department help in organising singing with the whole school going through song/hymn practice and some special recitals on Tuesday mornings.  

Every Thursday from 7.30 to 8.00am all pupils of MKASS follow the ‘Reach 4 Life’ programme either in class groups or year groups or as a whole school where topics such as Trust, Making Peace, Obedience,  Making a Difference are discussed.  We also have ‘Mkenya Halisi’ study that focuses on the values that set us out as ‘True Kenyans.’ Students lead the sessions under the guidance/supervision of teachers and the Chaplain.   This programme forms part of the wider Personal, Social, Health and Economics Education (PSHEE) programme and is used to strengthen our core value of Christian Heritage.  

I as Chaplain have an office at MKASS where meetings with individual students and staff take place to offer spiritual guidance/counsel and pray. From this place, planning for the various activities takes place.   


Mount Kenya Academy Senior School (MKASS) has many ongoing projects reaching into the wider community. The pupils have many opportunities to participate in valuable community service work as part of their education whilst here at MKASS.   We have the micro-finance programme which is run by the teacher and students of the Business Studies department. They are assisted by the Chaplain and funded by friends of Mount Kenya Academy. 

The programme typically has about 20 members and has a committee of the Women’s group that provides leadership and help in vetting, recruiting, organising monthly and other meetings for the PCEA Upendo Women group whose members are members of PCEA Chaka Town Church. 

Each woman runs a business-some are livestock farmers, others deal with second-hand clothes sale. Still others run salons, vegetable farming, quarry mining, sale of grains and groceries among others. 

The business studies students under the guidance of their teacher and the chaplain provide valuable oversight of the various businesses. Field trips are organised to inspect the businesses and reports are then compiled and sent to the sponsors. The students also meet to organise training for the women to help them boost their businesses. Topics that are addressed include record-keeping, marketing, etc. 

When the members of the women group apply for a business loan, the students go through the loan application forms and the record book and discuss whether the applicant deserves to be given a loan or not. They consider how the member’s business is doing, scrutinise the record book and also whether the concerned member has been faithfully repaying any past loans. They then give their recommendation . Both our students and the community which the programme seeks to help benefit as the former are able to put the concepts/knowledge learnt in class into use and they also learn the value of working with and helping others in the community. The latter are able to uplift their standards of living.

Senior schoool students serve  a meal to Chania Primary Puplis

Senior school students serve  a meal to Chania Primary Pupils


Friday 28th February 2014   

Dear Parents and MKASS Community,  

The first week back from the half-term break has been smooth with reminders that it is the short half remaining i.e. five and a half weeks only of which one has now past.   As the coordination of a consultation day involves all subject teachers in that year group being present, and for some over several weekends, it is essential that we are all able to manage our time effectively. I am therefore making a plea that for tomorrow which is Form 4 Parent’s Consultation 

Day that all those attending please try and let our office know by phone, text or email and to please ensure that you arrive between 10.00 am and 11.30 am in order that we finish by 12.20 pm latest. After this time teachers will have other commitments and I thank you in advance for your understanding.   After a meeting with Form 2 on Wednesday we are considering reinstating the French option but this issue is still under discussion.   

Our Parents Advisory Committee will meet next Saturday and I look forward to feeding back on that to everyone.   May God Bless Mount Kenya Academy.

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