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In line with the school’s objectives, MKASS seeks to provide sports in a way that provides for competitiveness and participation of all students. Teachers and coaches ensure are enthusiastic in their encouragement for the same. We offer a variety of sporting disciplines and have posted some excellent and encouraging results. These include soccer, rugby, basketball, handball, hockey, lawn tennis, badminton, swimming, aerobics and athletics. MKASS participates in both local and international sports fetes and competitions and continues to excel. The school both hosts and visits neighbouring schools.

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Junior School

Edward Obuya, Principal
Phone: 061-2030725 and 061-2030144
Fax:+254 61-2034988
Mobile: 0720-437387/ 0736-749611/

Senior School

Gerald Mandu, Principal | CEO,
Phone: 061- 2031142 and 061- 2030017
Fax: +254 61-2031030
Mobile: 0723-977666/0716-211388 /

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