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We offer full boarding. Boarding students enjoy a vibrant and homely atmosphere within the boarding house and live in modern and comfortable rooms. We believe that boarding has many advantages, not least of which are learning about the tolerance, compromise, kindness and responsibility so necessary when living in a community.  We expect all boarders to play a full part in the school’s boarding community and to seek to improve it for the good of everyone. Boarding staff set standards and enforce rules for the good of all, but with a lightness of touch. 

They are dedicated to providing support, care and a framework in which the boys can develop as individuals. Boarding staff include a full time resident and qualified nurse and a house parent who are available 24/7 to respond to the needs of students. The house parent works under the direction of assistant boarding master and boarding master, both senior teachers, to provide the much needed parental guidance, care, supervision and homely environment to the students.

The boys and girls eat together but go to their separate houses for homework and going to bed.  Boarding facilities include spacious cubicles and a multipurpose common room where a number of activities take place e.g.

  • Meetings
  • Indoor games
  • Private studies

A fire procedure with routine fire drills takes place on a regular basis as part of the safety procedures for our boarding students.  All these ensure that the children are very safe. G4S Guards, School Security and Administration Police all provide security for the School

Boarders are not allowed to have mobile phones and laptops in the school.  However, parents are allowed to call the children through the Schools’ mobile phones every day of the week during lunch hour between 1.00 and 1.45 p.m. and after games between 5.30 and 6.30 p.m.

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Junior School

Edward Obuya, Principal
Phone: 061-2030725 and 061-2030144
Fax:+254 61-2034988
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Senior School

Gerald Mandu, Principal | CEO,
Phone: 061- 2031142 and 061- 2030017
Fax: +254 61-2031030
Mobile: 0723-977666/0716-211388 /

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