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History and Traditions

Mount Kenya Academy was started in 1982 by Mr & Mrs Charles Mwangi at the Nyeri Kindergarten site in Nyeri town. The school moved to its present site in 1983. 

Ever since the first MKA class sat KCPE examination in 1988, the Junior School has ranked among the most successful schools in Kenya on KCPE performance. Its graduates have gone on to excellent government and private secondary schools and then to Universities in Kenya, the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia. Many of them who have completed their studies now have high profile jobs in Kenya and abroad.

For a long time there was a desire to start a Secondary School based on the same strong cultural principles of the Junior School. In the past, when a student graduated from MKA, parents were faced with the difficult task of finding a similar happy learning environment – one which provided high academic standards, individual attention and broad social and co-curricular activities in a secure non-urban atmosphere. 

In January 2004, MKA Senior School fulfilled this need voiced by so many parents. It is a school that benefits from the rich heritage and record of success of the neighbouring Junior School. The school is a coeducational establishment offering predominantly boarding places. Students of all faiths find a warm welcome at the school. Currently, it has an enrolment of over 200 students. Staff and Faculty have also increased proportionately. 

We offer both 8-4-4 and IGCSE systems. The construction of the school was made possible by both the interest and support of the Mount Kenya Academy Foundation, USA, whose directors are Cindy Candler, Scott Hawkins and Sarah Hawkins, and the Coca Cola Company, all of Atlanta, GA, USA. The Senior School is founded on Christian principles and is run by The Mount Kenya Academy Foundation (a non-profit organisation) for the benefit of the children of East and Central Africa. 

The Senior School has been equipped and furnished to fully satisfy the range of every student’s intellectual and physical needs.  Scholarships are offered based  on merit and need. Providing the finest education possible for the future leaders of Africa and beyond, Mount Kenya Academy prides itself on providing students with a strong foundation for a fulfilling and successful life.

Our vision, to help nurture future generations of well balanced and morally grounded leaders, fills our campus with positive energy. When you visit you will find a community of friendly, hard working people who care about each other, who are focused on discovering the world we live in, and thinking of ways to improve it.

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Edward Obuya, Principal
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Gerald Mandu, Principal | CEO,
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