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Grace Chapel [Originally]- Dedicated on 11 March 1999

Grace Chapel [Originally]- Dedicated on 11th March 1999	     

Grace Chapel [Currently]-Dedicated on 25 May 2013

  Grace Chapel [Currently]-Dedicated on 25th May 2013

Both chapels donated by Mrs.Cindy Candler and her family.

During the first dedication, Rev. Dr George Wirth, the Senior Pastor of 1st Presbyterian Church, Atlanta Georgia preached a sermon titled “ A  Place of Grace.” He was also the guest speaker/preacher at the dedication of the newly rebuilt and bigger chapel. 

The chapel is excellently furnished and equipped to serve our school community. 

We have over the years had the privilege of holding various services. The service times are as follows:

1st Service (for Junior School): 9.15-10.30 am.

2nd Service (for Senior School): 11.00 am.-12.30 pm. 

A variety of speakers drawn from among our own staff, students and guests have preached at the Chapel. During the year, we hold special services- Thanksgiving (in March) for Year 11-IGCSE (in May), Standard 8-KCPE (In November) and Form 4- KCSE Candidates (In October).  

Once a term we have a Holy Communion service for Protestant students while the Roman Catholics attend MASS at least once a month at the local Catholic Church. A Kiswahili service is also held once a term.

Our themes this term (Term 2, 2014) are as follows: 

1st Service:     Loving One Another  (1 Corinthians 13:1-13) ; Making Wise Choices ( Proverbs 2:1-5)   

2nd Service:   Religion or Christ?Wisdom        

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