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Mount Kenya Academy (Junior School)

Calendar of Events For Term 1 2017

Term 1


Staff Meeting

Wednesday 4th January at 10.30am

Class arrangement / Organisation

Wed 4th - Saturday 7th January

Opening Day: (Boarders)

 (Day Scholars)                

: Sunday 8th January from noon

: Monday 9th January by 7.30am (Teaching resume)

Special opening Assembly                                    

Monday 9th January at 10:40

Chaplaincy Committee Meeting

Tuesday 10th January (Senior School)

Special Assembly with Westminster school         

Monday 16th January

Election of Students Councils per the Ministry supervised by the Electoral Board

Friday 27th January at 2.00pm

Std 8 Teachers Target Setting Retreat

Saturday 21st January from 2pm (Outside school)

Std 8 Teachers’ / Parents Conference

Saturday 28th January at 10.00am

Swimming gala at Brickwood –Nanyuki                   

Saturday 28th January

Std 1 Tour to Kirimara Farm

Friday 3rd February at 2pm

Std 2 trip to Karatina Market

Thursday 2nd February at 9.00am

Std 3 trip to Metropolitan at Kamakwa

Friday 10th February

Partille Kenya Handball tournament at Nyeri Primary

11-12th February

Mid-term Exams (Std 4-8)

Thursday 16th & Friday 17th February

Thanksgiving service

Sunday 19th Feb 2017

General Meeting with parents

Wednesday 22nd February at 9.30am

Mid-term break

: Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th February

: Boarders resume - Sunday 26th February

: Day scholars resume - Monday 27th February


ABRSM theory exam

1st March 2017

Std 4 trip to Aberdare Country Club & Kamatongu Hills

Wednesday 2nd March

PAC Meeting

Wednesday 8th March at 2.00pm

Std 5 trip to Ol-jogi Ranch

Friday 3rd March

Football / Basketball / Swimming            in school

Saturday 4th March 2017

Std 8 trip to Rift Valley & its environs’

:  (1st Group: 9th -11th March) 

: (2nd  Group 16th -18th March)

        Thursday to Saturday

Term Exams (Std 1 – 6 Internal Exams)

Wednesday 29th – Friday 31st March

End Term Exams (Std 7 – 8 External Exams)

Wednesday 29th – Friday 31st March

Closing / Sports Day

Thursday 6th April from 9.30am

Dubai Trip

Tuesday 11th – Tuesday 18th April



Term 2


Opening Day

: Tuesday 2nd May

: Boarders report – Monday 1st May

: Day Scholars report 2nd   May

NB:- The dates are tentative and may be changed accordingly.


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